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Common Mistakes to Avoid
Here are some common mistakes to look for and avoid when preparing your resume.

DO NOT make any statements that are inaccurate or untrue. Always be honest with the information presented in your resume, stressing your positive accomplishments and responsibilities.

DO NOT make your resume too long or too short. It needs to be long enough to include enough information to interest a potential client, but should leave him/her wanting to know more about you. If the resume is too long, it may not be read at all. Leave something for the interview. A good recommendation is two pages.

DO NOT make the font size too small, never less than 9pt type, preferred 10-12pt.   Also,
DO NOT make the text all capital letters, except for your name or section headings.  
A DOCUMENT WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS CAN BE DIFFICULT TO READ and can be frustrating to the reader. Your resume should be clearly readable and clearly printed.

DO NOT include in your resume such things as salary history or perks at previous companies. However, discuss these issues with your recruiter so that he can determine what opportunities are appropriate based on this information.

DO NOT include reasons for leaving a previous or current position, or any negative situations involved in your employment history. Your recruiter can help you address these issues at the appropriate time in the interview process.

DO NOT include information that identifies you as a member of any protected class and could potentially raise issues regarding discriminatory hiring. Your recruiter is prohibited from passing on such information. Such information is irrelevant to the hiring process.

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