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Presenting an Outstanding Resume
IS YOUR RESUME BEING READ or is it being put aside on indefinite hold? Why are some resumes more effective than others? As strange as this sounds, most resumes are written without a clear understanding of their true purpose. Simply put, a good resume should motivate management to interview you. An effective resume will generate interest, not just provide information.

Hiring managers and recruiters are inundated by resumes. One ad can yield 1,000 responses within a week. Your resume may only get a quick review before a decision is made whether to consider you for the job and to read further. For this reason, how your resume is presented can be just as vital as what your resume says.

When you work with an FPC of St. Louis recruiter, you’ll get a clear and objective assessment of your resume format: is it working for you? Will it work against you? Will it accomplish your job search goals? Your FPC of St. Louis recruiter knows that it is often not easy to step outside of yourself to do this, and by helping you to shape your resume to what hiring companies are looking for while staying accurate, you can improve your results. Your FPC of St. Louis recruiter can help you understand what information to highlight to get you noticed. A resume will probably not get you the job—but it will get you through the door. Armed with the knowledge to create a winning resume, your FPC of St. Louis recruiter is here to assist you to do exactly that.

We will always be happy to give you our opinion of your resume and provide any suggestions we can for ways to make your resume stand out and get the attention it deserves.
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