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Relocating With Children

Moving with children can have its advantages and disadvantages. A successful move for the entire family can be achieved by focusing on a few items. While all children are not the same, by and large they all need the same things before and after relocation. Keep these few things in mind to assist in a successful transition:
  • Give children as much lead time as possible prior to the move. They need time to absorb the change.
  • Include your family in what is going on as soon as possible. Kids like to be a part of what is changing in their world and may also provide parents with valuable information on their needs throughout the transition.
  • Keep an open forum. Let your children talk about their experiences both good and bad. They will appreciate being heard either way.
  • Say goodbye to everyone. Letting children say goodbye allows them to put closure on items that might be bothering them and to maintain contact with some of their old friends as well. (Going-away parties, former school visits, make a scrap book)
  • As much as possible, let children know what to expect in their new home and location. When allowed to picture their surroundings and life this will allow them time to focus on the positive changes.
Keeping these basics in mind can help parents and their children adjust to relocation and allow the family to move successfully. Starting out relocation on the right foot can be shape the events of the relocation into a positive experience for all.

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