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Relocation Assistance

When relocating for a new job, whether your employer offers a generous relocation package, no relocation package, or something that is in between, there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure a smooth transition.

If your new employer has a formal relocation policy, be sure to ask for a copy and read it thoroughly. Itís important to know what benefits are available to you - after all, you donít want to miss out on any benefits nor do you want to find out that something is not reimbursed after you incurred the expense! Additionally, your new employer may have providers in place to assist you with some or all aspects of your relocation. Itís important to work with those providers for two reasons:
  • They can provide you with professional relocation counseling and free up your time so that you can focus on your new job.
  • Your relocation benefits may be tied to usage of these providers (i.e. to get the full benefit, you may need to work with a particular household goods mover or real estate professional)

    If the company does not have a formal relocation policy, be sure you clearly understand what benefits are being offered and if possible, get a copy in writing. Your offer letter is very often used as the vehicle to communicate the relocation benefit, especially if it is a lump sum amount or a bonus intended to cover a portion of the relocation expenses. If the company does not have a formal relocation policy, be sure you clearly understand what benefits are being offered and if possible, get a copy in writing. Your offer letter is very often used as the vehicle to communicate the relocation benefit, especially if it is a lump sum amount or a bonus intended to cover a portion of the relocation expenses. In this case, FPC of St. Louis offers you a complimentary service called Recruiter Relocation. Recruiter Relocation provides you with a dedicated, single point of contact for you and your family throughout the entire relocation. It is important to note that all the services from Recruiter Relocation are free.

    Even if the company you are considering does not provide benefits for relocation, Recruiter Relocation is still available to help make it a smooth transition by providing:
  • Destination Assistance
  • Temporary Living and Rental Assistance
  • Home Financing Assistance
  • Home Marketing and Home Sale Assistance
  • Household Goods Management Assistance
  • Educational Information

    In order to make the most out of your interviewing or house hunting trip, prior planning is key. If you are working with a Relocation Counselor (most often from a relocation service provider selected by your new employer or an employee within your new company responsible for relocation assistance), he or she will typically conduct a comprehensive needs assessment. If not, FPC of St. Louis, through Recruiter Relocation, will conduct a needs assessment with you and provide for all your relocation needs.

    Among other things, the objective of the needs assessment is to ascertain what you are looking for in your new destination. If you have a spouse or other family members making the move with you, ask for their input. Not only will children worry less about a move if they are involved in the process, but you will be able to gauge whatís important to everyone in the family enabling you to make more informed decisions. When you set up a time to speak with your Relocation Counselor (and if you are not offered relocation assistance you should still take stock before embarking on your house hunting trip), be prepared to answer the following questions:
  • What can you afford to spend on a new home?
  • What type of home are you looking for? (i.e. of home, size, age, lot size)
  • What type of community do you prefer? (i.e. suburbs, rural, urban)
  • Is schooling important to you? If so, what grades are your children in and do they have any special requests (i.e. special needs,sports involvement, etc.)
  • How far are you willing to commute?
  • Any other life issues that you are looking to maintain in the new destination? (i.e. proximity to mass transit, shopping, etc.)

    You may find that you donít have the immediate answers to these questions or that your answers change after you do a bit of research. For instance, you may currently commute 20 minutes to work and would like to maintain that in the new job. However, if you are relocating to a higher cost of living area, you may find that you can have a new home of the same size if you simply commute a little further.

    In determining communities and neighborhoods, several options are available to you. The 2000 U.S.Census contains a variety of information including average drive times for residents within each census tract. Go to www.census.gov for that information as well as other demographic statistics. MapQuest( www.mapquest.com) is another great source for commute times by simply entering your "starting and ending" addresses or even as little as the zip codes if you are looking for an idea of commute times from town to town. If the destination that you are considering has mass transportation, you can obtain schedules and fares on their respective web site. For instance in New Jersey,www.njtransit.com provides bus and rail information to New York and within New Jersey. Recruiter Relocation offers Relocation Tools (www.recruiterrelocation.com/tools/). The tools are a great resource demographics and other vital information about cities across the United States.

    If you are working with a Relocation Counselor, he or she can do a lot of the legwork for you. Based upon your needs assessment, the counselor can help you to narrow down your choice of communities and can provide you with destination information and typical housing prices. Many relocation service firms have software programs that will allow them to assess what a similar home will cost in the new location versus what you currently own. That information, coupled with hands on statistics and actual listings and comparables from the destination real estate professional will give you an accurate picture of the housing market.

    Community websites can also provide a wide range of information regarding housing, demographics, schools, etc. For example, www.ci.stamford.ct.us, the city of Stamford, Connecticutís website includes information regarding traffic and construction on I-95, Ė a major roadway into New York City and the surrounding areas. It also includes information such as kindergarten registration for the upcoming school year!

    For overall school information, try the respective stateís website. For example, if you are moving to New Jersey, its website is www.state.nj.usand you can access schools by county. Each school report card will provide valuable information ranging from classroom size to test results and faculty experience levels. If you are working with a Relocation Counselor, he or she will likely have access to additional school information derived from specialty software programs and databases. These programs typically allow for comparisons among a set number of school districts which can prove extremely valuable as you try to narrow down your search for the right community.

    If visits to potential schools are important to you, your Relocation Counselor or real estate professional may be able to arrange for a school representative to show you around and answer your questions. Since house hunting trips are often limited in duration, careful planning is a must. If you are considering private schools, remember that there is typically an interview with the prospective student involved in the application process, so you may want to make time for that during your house hunting trip.

    Once youíve done your preliminary destination research, you will be better prepared to respond to the needs assessment with your Relocation Counselor. And that will pave the way for your counselor to plan a well orchestrated house hunting trip and ultimately, a smooth transition to your new destination and career opportunity.

    How FPC of St. Louis and Recruiter Relocation Can Help
    There are many steps to take to ensure your relocation runs smoothly for you and your family - FPC of St. Louis and its preferred partner, Recruiter Relocation can help.

    Recruiter Relocation will guide you throughout the entire relocation process, acting on your behalf every step of the way. Youíll have peace of mind knowing Recruiter Relocation works with reputable providers in every area of relocation so you donít have to do the research looking for trustworthy ones. Recruiter Relocation has pre-negotiated discounts and VIP status with all industry leading providers. Your Recruiter Relocation Coach will pass those benefits directly on to you!

    Donít plan your relocation alone. Recruiter Relocation is a complimentary service courtesy of FPC of St. Louis to help you and your entire family!

    FPC of St. Louis recruiters work with you to ensure that all your questions about the job and company are answered and you move with confidence. Recruiter Relocation will work closely with you and your family to save time, stress and money.

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